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"Sound is transcendent.  I love how it touches your senses, moves your soul, and takes your content to the next level. "

Thomas Orsi, Founder 
Award Winning Sound Designer & Composer
We deliver quality sound on time
and on budget.
Orsi Digital Post understands what it takes to create the perfect sound experience, regardless of format, audience, or budget
Our services include sound design, original composition and mixing for feature films, television, OTT, radio, podcasting and  Voice First technology.
If you are looking for a sound partner, you've come to the right place. 
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I have worked with Tom on a number of episodic TV shows, films and commercials and have always marveled at his enthusiasm, expertise and life experience. His calm demeanor during the stressful post-production process allows clients and associated artists to work better. When I had a need for sound services on an independent film I was editing, I got Tom involved because I knew he would do the job right.

Tim Stepich - Editor - NBC Universal

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